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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Vol. 1, #1

Daravida Family Chiropractic and Wellness Amarillo TX Newsletter

Daravida News - Amarillo + Vega offices


Welcome to the premiere issue of our online newsletter! Our goal for this publication is to create a resource for empowering our patients, both current and future, to live their healthiest lives.

The topics we'll cover can be considered talking points and Dr. Gloria would like to hear your thoughts and ideas regarding them. Y'all can discuss during your next adjustment!


This Issue's Featured Supplement - Zinc

Daravida Family Chiropractic and Wellness Amarillo Zinc

Zinc is a mineral and is considered an essential nutrient for many, many functions in your body. It is present in every one of your cells. The reason we are highlighting zinc at this time is its role in immune system support.

With Covid-19 still dominating the mainstream media, we'd like to highlight a natural way to enhance your immune system's ability to respond properly to an invading virus. Zinc is important to your immune system because it helps balance your body's attack on the virus. You wouldn't use a hand grenade to kill a housefly, and similarly you don't want your immune system to cause too much inflammation while it works. Too much inflammation can cause organ damage or even organ failure. Zinc helps regulate the proteins that signal your immune system to begin working and checks them from going overboard. Another interesting benefit was discovered in a study from 2010, which showed that zinc inhibited the original Covid virus, known as SARS, from replicating and thus spreading as quickly. SARS shows around 80% genetic similarity to Covid-19.

Don't wait until you're sick to start taking zinc. Taking a recommended daily dosage can help you keep your immune system a step ahead and ready to defend. No matter how many letters of the Greek alphabet are used for Covid-19 variants, the letter Z for zinc will be ready to boost your body's ability to combat them.


This Issue's Featured Essential Oil - Thieves

For those of you that may be unfamiliar, essential oils are highly concentrated oils produced from plants, flowers, trees, roots, and seeds. They can be used topically (properly mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil) on the skin, or through inhaling the aroma from the bottle or a diffuser.

Thieves is a blend of oils and contains clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils. This blend by Young Living was created from research conducted on the methods of thieves who during the Black Death (bubonic plague pandemic) used a blend of essential oils rubbed on their skin to safely enter the homes of the sick and dying in order to steal from them. The judge sentencing them for their crimes spared them from being burned alive if they would reveal the blend of oils that they used. They did, and were instead hanged.

Cleansing is the name of the game here. Diffused into the air, applied topically, or even added to dishwater, there are many ways that Thieves can help create a healthy environment in your home or business.


Let's Get Down to Brass Tacks

If there's a color to summertime, surely it's yellow. The sun, sunflowers, pool toys, piña coladas... look around! One thing, however, should not be yellow in the summer: your pee. Avoid sugary or processed drinks and go for water to stay hydrated. Keep an especially close eye on your little ones and seniors: make sure they're drinking enough water.

While we're on the subject, let's talk about sunscreen. First and foremost, you need to look for a sunscreen product that is labeled as "broad spectrum" which means it protects against UVB as well as UVA rays. UVB rays are covered under the SPF number, but UVA rays can also damage your skin.

You may have heard that anything above an SPF 30 isn't doing much more to protect you. This is not factual. An SPF 50 sunscreen will stop about 50% more UV light from reaching your skin than an SPF 30. It is also important to know that these Sun Protection Factor numbers are calculated in a laboratory setting under perfect, constant conditions. Out in the real world, high SPF sunscreens are only part of a good plan to stay protected from the sun. You should apply them as directed before you step outside, stay in the shade if possible, wear clothing and a hat, and stay hydrated. Then, reapply the sunscreen as directed.

Surprise plot twist: staying hydrated, as well as protection from the sun, is important all year long!


Leave You With a Smile

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