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Information for Patients

Thank You for choosing Dr. Gloria
and Welcome to our family

Pain relief is just the beginning!

The term "health Care" has a different meaning for almost everyone.

Dr. Gloria is passionate about chiropractic and its related wellness therapies and she will do everything within the scope of her practice to treat you based on your individual needs and expectations.

Simply put, Dr. Gloria wants what is best for you: to help your body function well and to help you achieve your

health and wellness goals.

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When you're done exploring our site, please find the link to schedule your appointment on the bottom portion of every page. If you need more information, please don't hesitate: Contact Us.

"Let's get you adjusted"

That's Texan for "I would love the opportunity to provide you with pain relief, healthy living options, and an overall sense of well-being."

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Our definition of Family

More than just the dictionary definition, when we say family

we mean a place of belonging and a sense of community.

In our office, you join Dr. Gloria in working toward a common goal:

Greater health and Well-Being.

Going back to the dictionary definition, Dr. Gloria treats her patients like family.

We welcome you to experience the difference that can make in your health.

Walk-In visits and Appointments

it is recommended that all patients schedule an appointment. That being said, if you walk in, we'll do our best to accommodate you that day or schedule you for the soonest available appointment.

Intake Forms

Our new patient intake forms are available by email or in the office. Once you've booked your First Visit appointment with Dr. Gloria, you will receive two emails: a Welcome email and an email with your intake forms. You may fill them out online, or if you need assistance you may fill them out in our office with a member of the staff.

More Content for New Patients Coming soon

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