Children Chiropractic

Dr. Gloria is here to support your kids as they make leaps and bounds through life.  Her training and continuing education for infant chiropractic includes a focus on adjusting older children as well. As with infants, the adjustments she provides to children are geared specifically toward their age and size.

Our kids have many demands placed on them: learning faster than we ever did, excelling in their activities, and growing socially.  Kids that receive regular chiropractic adjustments tend to see:

  • elevated positive mood

  • improvement in behavioral issues

  • increased connections

  • less asthma

  • diminished allergies

  • better sleep

  • advancement in school



children chiropractic amarillo Daravida Family Chiropractic and Wellness Children Chiropractor
Let's try to grow healthy kids
so we don't have to 
fix broken adults!

Daravida pro-tip: kids love the toys and books in their very own corner of the office and our turtle, Billy, is a minor celebrity among patients.

children chiropractor amarillo Daravida Family Chiropractic and Wellness Kids Chiropractor