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Infant Chiropractic

Above all, Dr. Gloria wants to ensure that you are completely comfortable with her care, so let's get right down to the main question on everyone's mind: is it safe to give a chiropractic adjustment to a baby

The quick answer is of course: yes, otherwise Dr. Gloria would not work on babies.




infant chiropractor amarillo Dr. Gloria Daravida Family Pediatric Chiropractic

You can read great reviews from infant parents here, but Dr. Gloria also loves getting reviews from her babies, too! Those reviews of her work include: when a crying baby visibly relaxes, when baby gets hungry immediately afterward, when they take a good poop, and when they fall straight to sleep.

infant chiropractic amarillo Daravida Family Chiropractic and Wellness Pediatric Chiropractor

Daravida pro-tip: parents say that Dr. Gloria appears to be engaging in playtime with their babies, though she is actually adjusting them at the very same time!

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