Infant Chiropractic

Above all, Dr. Gloria wants to ensure that you, as well as your baby, are completely comfortable with her care, so let's get right down to the main question on everyone's mind: is it safe to give a chiropractic adjustment to a baby

The quick answer is, of course, yes; otherwise Dr. Gloria would not work on babies.

The longer answer is in two parts.


First, infant adjustments are not forceful and they are geared specifically to your baby's age and size. You can imagine the force of a baby’s adjustment by thinking of the pressure you might use to gently rub your eye or test the ripeness of a fresh tomato.


Secondly, Dr. Gloria has been trained to use very specific techniques for babies. This training included many hours of study and practice beyond her Doctor of Chiropractic degree program.



A natural birth itself can be forceful enough on a baby's small body so as to be traumatic, resulting in tension that can affect everything else they will do as they grow. If, for example, forceps are involved, the traumatic effect can be multiplied. 


Children need a healthy nervous system to be able to grow and thrive so it is important for them to be checked early in life. Dr. Gloria loves helping babies achieve their milestones, which include turning toward sounds, hand-eye-coordination, sitting up, crawling, and walking.

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You can check out great reviews from infant parents here, but Dr. Gloria also loves getting reviews from her babies. Those great reviews of her work include: when a crying baby visibly relaxes, when they get hungry immediately afterward, when they take a good poop, and when they fall straight to sleep.

Babies who have balanced nervous systems experience:

  • easier bowel movements

  • reduced colic

  • fewer ear infections

  • better sleep

  • better connections

  • achieved milestones

  • reduction of torticollis (neck issue causing a head turn to one side)

  • diminished allergies

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Daravida pro-tip: parents say that Dr. Gloria appears to be engaging in playtime with their babies, though she is actually adjusting them at the very same time!


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