Prenatal Chiropractic

Dr. Gloria is here to support you

as your body goes through one of

its biggest transformations:

creating a new life

When in balance and open, your nervous system allows your body the ability to optimize the position, growth,

and connection with the newest member of your family.

By ensuring that your pelvis and spine are in proper alignment and motion, chiropractic care helps ensure that your developing baby has plenty of room to grow within your womb. By maintaining this proper alignment and motion throughout your pregnancy, chiropractic care can also improve your ability to have a safe and natural birth process, which is vital to the health of both mom and baby.


Whether you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant, having a neuro-spinal system that is clear and open creates the optimal conditions for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy. Visiting Dr. Gloria regularly during pregnancy can provide: 

  • a more comfortable pregnancy

  • shorter labor time

  • an increase in neural communication

  • more room for baby to grow

  • improved energy levels

  • fewer interventions

A study by the American Medical Association found that women who visited a prenatal chiropractor and received regular chiropractic care during their third trimester carried and delivered with greater comfort. Another study concluded that with regular chiropractic adjustments:


  • need for analgesics decreased by half during delivery 

  • relief was provided for intrauterine constraint

  • average amount of time spent in labor decreased by 24% in first time moms

"Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy removes interference to the mother's nervous system, enhancing baby development and uterine function.  It balances her pelvis, eliminating undue tension to muscles and ligaments and enhancing optimal fetal positioning."             -Jeanne Ohm, DC

prenatal chiropractor amarillo Dr. Gloria Jaimes Daravida Family Prenatal Chiropractic

It is a great joy for Dr. Gloria to serve the expectant families of Amarillo and the surrounding communities.

She keenly understands the needs, concerns, questions, and difficulties that expectant moms sometimes have, and she is ready to compassionately and accurately address your individual expectations to the very best of her abilities. It's the kind of care she received during her pregnancies and she is honored to pass that on to you.

Dr. Gloria is certified in the Webster Technique and is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

prenatal chiropractor amarillo Dr. Gloria Daravida Family Prenatal Chiropractic  Adjustment

Dr. Gloria is pleased to offer

complimentary First Adjustment visits

to newborns of mommies

already under her care.

Daravida pro-tip: ask Dr. gloria about her house calls for laboring moms.


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