Health Remedy Testing

Get a report card on your body's systems

The sample collection takes just a few minutes and your results will be ready in approximately three weeks.

This is a simplenon-invasive procedure.

Dr. Gloria or her staff will collect hair and saliva samples in her office and schedule you for an appointment to

review your scores.

Call to schedule your sample collection or ask about it during your next adjustment


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So... what are we testing and measuring?

Your hair and saliva are analyzed to give you

a score of 1 to 100 (just like in school)

for 14 different systems in your body.

The scores show you the stress level under which each system is functioning. You will also receive a report on your body's sensitivity to various foods, toxins, and substances in the environment, as well as a report on nutritional imbalances and much more!

Daravida Family Chiropractic and Wellness Amarillo Health Remedy Testing

Organ System Stress Levels

Among the systems tested are your

cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, immune,

endocrine, and lymph.

How stressed are these systems and what is stressing them out?

Food & Environment Sensitivity

Vegetables, sweeteners, grains, spices, pet hair,

insects... and hundreds of other substances will be tested to

see if they cause inflammation (not

allergies) in your body.

You may be surprised.

Nutrition & Hormone Imbalance

Are you low on vitamins,

minerals, enzymes, or amino acids?

Do you have high cortisol

and low melatonin? Imbalances can stress your health and stressed systems may cause imbalances.

Let's take a look.

Resonating Toxins

Have you been exposed to harmful

bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds,

heavy metals, and chemicals?

This test does not detect disease,

however your exposure to these

substances can affect your health.

Balancing Remedy

So what do we do with all

this information?

Your personalized remedy will consist of supplements, natural herbs, and homeopathic remedies

selected especially for you

from thousands of beneficial


Stop Guessing, Start Learning

This test is designed to give you the needed information to remedy your

systems and bring them closer to balance, and to help them function

at a higher, stress-free level.

This is not a replacement for

traditional tests, for example

blood tests.